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CADClick® "ccApiNet": Wrapper for own .NET based applications


ccApiNet is a cross platform .NET wrapper to the ccApi CAD modeling library. Allowing ccApi functions to be called from .NET compatible languages such as C#, VB, F#, IronPython, etc.

A simple lightweight component that can be used to add 2D/3D CAD model manipulating functionality to any desktop or web application. ccApiNet is written purely in C# and does not use any unsafe code.

ccApiNet was designed as an object oriented interface to ccApi. It is composed of eleven objects as shown below:

Architecture ccApiNet
Architecture ccApiNet


The ccApi functions were grouped, based on their name and purpose, into ten container objects: Assembly, Document, Exporter, Library, License, Preview2D, Preview3D, QuestAnswView, ValueTable and Tools. The ccApi object acts as a central repository that synchronizes the container objects. The wrapper was designed according to the facade pattern, therefore the container objects cannot be directly instantiated, and they can be accessed only through an instance of the ccApi object.

CADClick® „ccExplorer“
ccExplorer is a free tool for viewing 2D/3D CAD models. It is completely open source and was designed to show the newcomer developers how to create CAD modeling applications using the ccApiNet library. Also users and professionals from various industries, such as architecture or engineering, may find it helpful to use ccExplorer in their work as a compact alternative to the traditional CAD modeling programs.

CADClick ccExplorer

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